Saturday, 30 March 2013

The ultimate book that teaches how to build static & dynamic websites

During my programming career, I developed many desktop applications all with the help of a single tool. With the advent of World Wide Web, I also dared to get my feet wet. But, to develop my first web application I had to put on many hats like HTML, CSS, Client and Server-side scripting languages and databases; scattered under individual titles. Just like my previous books, this one too shares my experience with the world and teaches the above mentioned technologies under one umbrella. This book is neither a comprehensive guide nor it can be treated as a manual on any of these comprehensive topics, but it surely lays a solid foundation that helps building both static and dynamic websites. With uncountable sites and freely available material, I wrote this book due to the following reasons:

  • Assemble all scattered pieces in one place. This volume contains HTML/5, CSS/3, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Sequential instructions are provided to download and install all the required software and components to setup a complete development environment on your own pc.
  • Focus on inspiring practical aspect of these web technologies.
  • Last, but the most significant one - take the audience gradually right from creating an HTML file with a text editor, through learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL all the way to creating a professional website.

It covers:

  1. Definitions and exercises of various HTML/5, CSS/3, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL components.
  2. The last part is the essence of this book where you will create a website for ABC Global Consulting a fictitious company. In this part, you will apply almost all the techniques you went through in the book. The website project is divided into two parts: static and dynamic. In the static part, you’ll create web pages that remain unchanged and deliver static content whenever they are accessed. In contrast, the dynamic part will teach you how to create pages that access fresh content from a database. This part comprises an E-Commerce module that allows visitors to purchase products online, a Newsletter subscription module to subscribe to company’s newsletters, and Contact Form module which will be provided to interact with site visitors. The E-commerce application development is divided into two major parts: Admin and Member interfaces.

In the Admin part you will undergo five tasks:

  •     Admin Login module
  •     Manage Categories
  •     Manage Products
  •     Manager Orders
  •     Manage Admin Accounts

The Member part comprises eight tasks:

  •     Member Login module
  •     Register New Member
  •     Reset Password
  •     My Account
  •     Featured Products Catalog
  •     Individual Product Details
  •     Shopping Cart
  •     Checkout (confirm order)

This book is the ultimate guide for those who are passionate about building either a static or a dynamic website. It not only contains recipes on five core web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL but, also demonstrates how to put these building blocks together to build a meaningful construction. Unlike other books, it doesn't leave you stranded at the other end, but enables you to achieve the final milestone. It builds the learning momentum in the initial five chapters with simple and concrete examples. In the final chapter, you go through a website project where you fit in almost all the blocks from the initial chapters. Starting with professional static web pages, you’re shown how to put life to a website by creating dynamic web pages. In the final task of this project, you are provided with step-by-step instructions to move your website from your development PC to a hosting server on the internet from where the world could access it.

From web introduction to hands-on examples and from website designing to its deployment, this book surely is a complete resource for those who know little or nothing about professional web development.

Check-out table of contents.

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